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Brass Products

Marvel Extrusions is processing a wide range of optimum quality brass rods. In this variety, we have hollow, solid, plain, hex etc. These are integrated with electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Mostly used for making weather-stripping, musical instruments, pipes and tubes. In addition to this, the said products also find their applications in the production of cartridge castings for firearms, screws, architectural trim pieces and radiators. Brass rods are also ideal for producing musical instruments. These are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. good conductor of heat makes the offered products efficient for a wide number of applications. 
Our company is providing a large variety of superior quality brass profiles and sections that are most commonly used in automotive parts, spectacle, hardware industries and more. These are brown in color and surface treated by polishing. Our offered products are used in the applications in which low friction is required such as ammunition components, tools and appliances. Brass profiles and sections are applicable for connectors, fasteners and engineering industries. These are also great for making lock & safety equipment. Have a robust structure, longer service life, high performance efficiency and anti-corrosive nature. Accessible in different sizes, shapes and thickness. 
We are providing diverse types of top notch quality brass bars such as flat and solid. These are acquired for low surface friction, abrasion resistance and strong structure. In addition to this, the said products are utilized in moving clocks, zips, hinges and locks. Our offered offerings find their applications in construction industry. Due to their stunning gold like decorative appearance, these are used in the making of buildings. These are available in different dimensions, thickness and sizes. Brass bars are acquainted with qualities like corrosion resistance, maximum longevity, high tensile strength and sturdiness. These are also used for producing door knobs and locks. 
Get these highly reliable industrial round brass billets from us here at Marvel Extrusions. These are utilized for making ordinary mechanical parts, bearings, pressure seal casting, impellers, sleeves and more. In addition to this, the said products are also ideal for producing electrical plugs, locks, plumbing, valves and sockets. Our manufactured items are highly durable, enduring and reliable. Brass billets have high efficiency and low friction qualities. These are also used for decorative purpose due to their attractive appearance. Accustomed with long lasting shine and polished surface. Couplings, ammunition casings, hose couplings and zippers are also made using these products. 
You will get a diverse range of optimum quality solid industrial brass ingots here at Marvel Extrusions. These are prepared using the combination of zinc and copper material. The said products are applicable for making door & furniture fittings, brush holders, casting for electrical trade etc. In addition to this, our designed items are great for the production of valves, switchgear brush holders, supply water faucets, pumps and impellers. Bearings, ordinary mechanical parts, pressure seal casting etc. are also made using these products. These are highly efficient, reliable, enduring and versatile.Provided products have aanti-corrosive body and rugged construction.